Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've neglected my blog way to long!

When my friend Nancy mentioned that she had started a blog I remembered that I had one, too! Can you believe that my last (and first) entry was in March of 2009? I really have to update this more, don't you think? I've been busy since March...went to NY in July to see my Mom (recipient of the Square Dance quilt). Got to see the rest of the family as well. Then back to Florida in time to get the kids ready for the new school year. Now Christmas and New Year's are over...time has just flown! I PROMISE I'll get photos of everything up as soon as I can. I made a really funny Jill Mass doll, and a few quilt tops since March. I'll use my little domestic machine to quilt most of them, but thanks to Nancy I've also pulled my Drunkard's Path out of the closet to finish the hand quilting on it (I started quilting this when we had no power during the 2004 you think I procrastinate?). I owe a thank you to Nancy for that bit of encouragement to get it going again. I'll also hand quilt the Ohio Rose as she suggested.